Registering for Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday sessions

Monday, 05 July 2021 by Paul Brake

Registering for Regular Sessions (on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday)

 As previously advised, due to the recent tightening of Covid restrictions, the number of players able to play in our clubhouse has been reduced. We have therefore reintroduced a system for you to register in advance so that a spot should be available when you come to play. This now applies to any session on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday (other days are not so busy and we do not expect our capacity to be an issue). 

Register via an on-line process, using your computer, tablet or phone, by these simple steps.

1.       Go to the club’s website and select the “Event Registrations” tab

2.       Click on “Tuesday Apply to register” (or the equivalent for Thursday or Saturday).

3.       Fill out the form (setting out the name of you and your partner, and the date you wish to play, etc).

4.       A message will appear on your screen once the entry is lodged, and you will also get back an email setting out a copy of what you have lodged. Please check the details you submitted are correct. 

5.       Before the session, check that your entry has been accepted.  On the club’s website, again select the “Event Registrations” tab, and look at the entries under the “Tuesday Accepted registrations” (or whatever day is relevant).

Only one member of each pair needs to register - you register for your partner and yourself.

Registrations are taken up to one week in advance.  So, for example, after the Saturday session is held, players can then register for the following Saturday. 

Registering is an administratively time-consuming task performed by volunteers and we appreciate your understanding that we strongly prefer you use this on-line facility. If neither you and your partner can use the on-line process, please try to arrange for a friend to lodge an on-line entry on your behalf. However, if you otherwise could not arrange for an on-line entry, you can text (or if necessary, call) Liz Downer who will take your details.

While registering in advance is not a condition of being able to play, if you do not register in advance, you could miss out on a spot.  Players who have registered in advance are given priority to “walk-ins”.

Some players have a demonstrated need for a stationary seat, and the club will try to arrange such a seat for those whom the club accepts as meeting its strict medical criteria.  If you are not on the club’s approved list, but seek a stationary seat for a session, please contact the club and explain your situation. 

If after you register for a session, you become unable to play, please contact the club promptly to enable us to free up the spot allocated to you. 

If you have any queries or need to contact the club about any aspect of the registration process, please contact Liz Downer  on 0416 244 654 or