Covid 19, including Qld Govt Check in App

Monday, 05 July 2021 by Paul Brake

The Check in Queensland App will be introduced into our Bridge Club from tomorrow and is compulsory from Friday (9 July). We need all members to download the app onto their phones please. You can do this easily from the Apple App store or Google Play. It is very simple to use and many businesses are already using it.

There will be a poster to use it on on the glass outside the club and another on the notice board on the left in the foyer. I thank you all in advance for complying with this Queensland Government requirement. The app uses Bluetooth to collect information on the people in our club so Contact Tracing is very speedy in the event of someone being diagnosed with Covid 19.

This brings me onto the wearing of masks in the club. Masks are a requirement up for the time being and people who are not wearing masks in the club are doing so because they have supplied us with a Medical Exemption. However I believe those members not wearing masks should consider whether coming to bridge is a good idea just at the present time (until the mask restrictions are anticipated to expire after Friday 16 July).  Not only may it affect your own health and well-being, it potentially impacts other players. 

There are a lot of sites at the moment for possible contact – if anyone has been in Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast in the last week you need to be checking the Queensland Government Covid Site to see if you need to get tested, isolote or take other action.