Australia Wide Novice Pairs - Tuesday 31 May

Monday, 23 May 2022 by Paul Brake

The AUSTRALIA WIDE NOVICE PAIRS  is a national event for players with fewer than 100 masterpoints (as at the end of March).  There will be separate results posted for the under-50 pairs, alongside the results for the full under-100 field.

There is a heightened sense of occasion when you sit down in a national event that has a tradition. Being a part of this atmosphere is sure to boost your confidence!.


As well as getting to play in Australia's largest national competition without leaving the comfort-zone of their own club, each player also receives:
  * Exclusive discounts on a selection of popular products from our book store.
  * A discount of $5 on a one-year subscription to Australian Bridge – Club Edition.
  * A souvenir booklet of the hands, with the recommended bidding and items of interest from the play.
  * A second personalised booklet, available online after the event, with travelling scoreslips and suggestions of how you could have scored better.
  * The top 100 players win prizes as listed below, with additional spot prizes for lower-ranked players.


The top players from around the country are also in line to win book and magazine prizes totalling over $3,000 in value (exact prize structure will be determined after the size of the field is known):
  * The top 100 players (50 pairs) win a subscription to Australian Bridge (Club Edition) valued at $25.
  * The top players also win a $50 book voucher from the Australian Bridge Bookshop.
  * The top 5 pairs overall, and top pairs by location, also win beautiful personalised pens.
  * Additional prizes for the top pairs with under 50 masterpoints.
  * Individual book prizes for specific pre-defined achievements during the event.

MASTERPOINTS   The club awards green points just like in a normal session.  The National Event organisers  will award Red Masterpoints after the event has finished.

HOW TO ENTER  Just turn up and pay the normal table money plus the $5 the club is charged by the event organisers.   No need to register in advance!  The event is run during the standard session time for the day.

DON'T WANT TO PLAY IN THE EVENT?   The club will run, at the same time as the event, a separate section for those players who are not novices or who are novices but do not wish to play in the event.