Current Ranking & Encouragement awards

For current holders of our Honour Board events and other significant individual competitions, see Hall of Fame


Highest ranked players for the 12 months ending December 2019  

Congratulations to our club's highest ranking players 

 Open Section Restricted Players (100 MP or less)
 James Bond - 63%  Audrey Hepburn - 54%
 Queen Cleopatra - 62%  Julius Caesar- 53.5%
 Isaac Newton - 61.5%  Bill Gates - 52%


Players' rankings are calculated under the club's handicap system (similar to Tennis or Chess rankings). To qualify for the award, the player must have played at the club for at least 10 sessions in the quarter.

For annual awards of ranked players, see Hall of Fame

Encouragement award for the year ending 31 December 2019

Awarded to a player whom the club considers is currently developing their bridge skills in a manner that demonstrates good sportsmanship & fair play.

The current holder of the encouragement award:  Mahatma Gandhi








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