Club Presidents


The club recognises and expresses its appreciation of all those who have served as Club President. The year shown is the year in which they commenced their term as president.


2019 Julie Wicks
2018 Eva Berger
2017 Philip Roberts
2016 Di Hodges
2015 Di Hodges
2014 Di Hodges
2013 Eva Berger
2012 Eva Berger
2011 Neil Raward
2010 Alan Jones
2009 Alan Jones
2008 Neil Raward
2007 Neil Raward
2006 Neil Raward
2005 Mr B.A. Lapthorn
2004 Larraine de Nett
2003 Janet Wallis
2002 Mrs C. Darrington
2001 Mrs J. Bohlscheid
2000 Heather Reid